Cafe Banská Štiavnica

Cafe Divná Pani

If you take a walk along the Banská Štiavnice sidewalk, you may come across the Divná pani. No, don’t worry… You definitely won’t miss her! You will recognize her easily. At first he will seduce you. Get invited further…

Throw away your preconceived notions. Forget about stress. Take off your coat or jacket, take off your clothes and make yourself comfortable… Try to get to know her a little. Open your senses wide. Can you smell that sensual scent?

Is it vanilla? Or chocolate? Maybe you’ll finally succumb to the aroma of freshly ground Italian coffee and end up in the Weird Lady’s lounge immersed in the pages of her vast library. A bottle of cabinet wine on the table, a head full of irresistible images. Time seems to stand still and turns in on itself like the page of another book called Birth. Lizards with gold and silver powder flash before your inner vision, and the intimacy of this moment will be disturbed again by She.

She likes a large company and a refined taste. After all, that’s why you’re here… He’ll flirt with you over a perfectly mixed Mojito, and you might end up with your head in the clouds and your body in the impressive space of a former tailor’s workshop, where after a glass of beer you might hear the barely audible tap of singers and the muffled laughter of seamstresses. A light beam from the magnificent skylight above you glides over the glass of Margherita, and you feel that it gives space to a free spirit and soaring thoughts. The line between dream and reality is blurring.

Only one thing is certain: succumbing to the seduction of a mysterious woman is easier than finding such an inspiring and pleasant cafe. And absolutely without obligations! Is someone pulling your nose, or can you really experience a Miracle in this house?

Come and find out for yourself.

In the cafe Divná pani, in the middle of the extinguished Štiavnice volcano, on the Blue Planet.

Here and now.